What's new

Fabric 1.6

Channel-scoped templates

You can now create a template that only shows up in one or more channels.
This is ideal for one-off features, or projects that you want to collect feedback or bugs for.
This template is scoped to #feedback-feature-x.
When a teammate creates an issue in #feedback-feature-x, the template scoped to that channel will show up first.

Auto-collapsing messages

The best feature is one that automatically takes work off your plate.
When you create an issue, we show you an expanded view of the body so you can check for typos and easily make changes. You can click Done editing when you're done, or if you wait some time, Fabric will do it for you! Magic!

Auto-invite users to Issue Rooms

Fabric now can invites all assignees and the issue creator to an Issue Room.
Fabric now handles the full Issue Room lifecycle for you. We generate the Room for your issue, invite the assignee and creator into the Room, sync comments and pull requests, and archive the Room when your issue is closed.
Configure this in your team settings.

Fabric 1.5

Default Issue channel

Send all your newly created issues to a Slack channel by default.
Configure this in your team settings.

Thread commands

With Fabric, you can easily thread on a message to add comments to an issue.
And now, you can use Commands.
Use the add command to add to the body of your issue. Try the mine command to assign yourself to the issue. And more!
Thread commands also works great on mobile.
It's like texting. 📱