Your team's settings can be configured in the Fabric Dashboard in Slack.

GitHub Settings

Default GitHub Repo

This setting determines which repository will show first when users create issues from scratch.

Fabric's Repo Access

To control what repositories Fabric has access to, or to remove a repository from Fabric, go to your GitHub Organization as an admin > Settings > GitHub Apps > Configure > Only select repositories.
GitHub Apps
Only select repositories

Slack Settings

Default Issue Channel

When you set a default issue channel, newly created issues will be sent to that channel by default.
Issues will be sent to #fabric-issues by default.

Issue Settings

Issue field settings can be set for your entire team, and then overridden by Template settings.
When you show an issue field, it means that the corresponding dropdown will show on the issue creation message:
The top of the issue message, with all fields enabled.
When you require an issue field, it just means that a message like This issue needs at least one label will show on the issue message.

The assignee field

The milestone field

The label field

The project field

Issue Room Settings

Auto-creating Issue Rooms

When this setting is on, we'll automatically create a new Issue Room when an issue in created in a connected GitHub repository.
When this setting is off, you can create Issue Rooms by clicking the Create Issue Room button on the issue message.
This setting can also be configured at a Template-level.

Auto-inviting assignees to Issue Rooms

When this setting is on, we'll automatically invite all assignees and the issue creator to an Issue Room when it's opened.

Auto-archiving Issue Rooms

When this setting is on, we'll automatically archive Issue Rooms when their corresponding issue is closed.
When this setting is off, we won't archive any Issue Rooms.

Feature Settings

Linking Google Docs to issues

When this setting is on, we will show a button on the issue message to link a Google Doc.
You can add an existing doc or click "create one."
If you click "create one," we'll create a new doc with the it

Allow creating an issue with 🆕

To create issues even faster, you can react on a message with the 🆕 emoji!
Fabric will prompt you to create the issue, and will thread a link to the newly created issue, right on the message.
This is great for quickly converting multiple messages at once into issues.
Reacting with the 🆕 emoji on a message lets you quickly create an issue.
Once you create the issue, Fabric will link to your new issue.
Pro Tip: Go to and add the 🆕 emoji as a one-click reaction for your team, to make issue creation even faster.

Channel Settings

To edit your channel settings, while in a channel, type /fabric-settings.

Default Channel Repository

Your channel default repository will be the first one displayed when you create an issue from scratch in a channel.